What is Energetic Healing?

Energetic Healing is a form of healing of displaced and stagnant energy which usually begins forming in childhood due to trauma, societal conditioning, parental programming, and misunderstood ideas formed to aid in survival and managing in an unsafe world. Our body stores this energy and mismanages the flow of energy which leads to pain or trauma being felt and affecting our everyday life and decisions. Each person is different, depending on sensitivities, so even a minor trauma can cause a large disparity of energy. Oftentimes, the storage spots are where illness and disease begin. This is where inflammation, pain, and tension are felt physically and/or accompanied by anger, anxiety, depression, distress and distrust. Energy healing helps ease these above symptoms and helps the body and mind clear and move energy to create healing offering new perspectives on how to understand and manage your emotional and physical reactions to the world around you.

Energetic Healing comes in varying forms and has been practiced since time began. The energetic healings I offer are Hugging Therapy, the hands on healing of Reiki, the meditative healing of Guided Imagery Meditation, Chakra Clearing, Breathwork Healing, Emotional Support Doula, Shadow Work Healing Guidance, and the energetic Reading and Guidance through Tarot and Channeled Messages.

Energetic Healing Affects

Overall Well Being & Peace

Energetic healing promotes overall well being and peace by removing many of the blocks and pain we feel due to everyday stressors. Through these modalities of healing, we are able to address long held fears and resentments that keep us from feeling love for ourselves and others. By working to remove these blocks, we are able to more easily express, feel and understand our true nature and purpose in life. Acting as a guide to help you walk through these very vulnerable healing states, I can lead you through the phases of your healing and offer true connection and positive reinforcement.

Emotional Management

How often do you feel controlled by your own emotions or fixate on other distractions to not have feelings at all? Energetic healing brings emotions into balance, helping us remove trauma responses and instead helps us learn how to better navigate and understand the world around us and feeling peaceful even through life’s difficulties.

Perspective Shift & Connection to the World

By learning that our viewpoints of the world may be flawed or may be affected by past trauma or misunderstandings, energetic healing offers new perspectives of old situations. By seeing yourself as an energetic being connected to everything else in existence, energetic healing helps to remove the blocks that keep you separated. By healing, you can better understand yourself in the world and gain a deeper understanding of how we all affect energy around us.

Digestive & Nervous Systems

Energy deeply affects our digestive and nervous systems. Anxiety, trauma and stress are most often felt in the digestive systems of the body and affect digestion and nerves causing imbalances to these sensitive systems in our body that house a huge percentage of our immune systems and the triggering systems in our body. How often have you felt knots in your stomach when you are uncomfortable? Or how often does your digestive system become affected when you are in pain or sick? Our gut is home to some of the body’s most powerful sensing systems. How often does your anxiety sprout up and you can’t sit still or your mind is racing? Energetic healing helps these imbalances and helps you have tools to calm the nervous and digestive systems.

Shadow Work & Healing

How often are we troubled by our reactions to others and find ourselves in a battle against what we want for ourselves and what we want of others? How often do you feel anger or anxiety? Do you know that many times those feelings are connected to fear, shame, and misunderstandings based in old programs we learned over the years? Shadow work helps bring into focus what walls we have built up to hide part of ourselves away from the world that we believe are part of our darker nature and are not acceptable. This work uncovers deep truths and fears that have held us trapped over time. These are then acknowledged and accepted and brought into our everyday consciousness. We are able to be happier and have more fulfillment by exploring, acknowledging and accepting this hidden part of ourselves.


Oftentimes, feeling tired is a result of overthinking, overworking, over-doing all in a desire to be accepted and loved. Fatigue is oftentimes helped by energetic work because we learn we longer need to work or do unnecessarily, we accept ourselves as we are and as we were meant to be. We can be in acceptance of situations and ourselves, which relieves energy spent in a vicious cycle of self assessment and self centeredness.

Connection to Body, Mind & Spirit

Through the balancing of energy in your body and the energetic cleansing of trapped trauma and emotional blockage, we are better able to live in the present moment and feel a balanced peace between our body, mind and spirit. These areas can more efficiently work together in balanced symbiosis to bring overall health and serenity. Whether it be being present in your body and not disassociating or feeling breath ease your emotions as it moves through your body, energetic healing can help fortify presence and peace.