“I am so grateful that Natalie came in to my life during one of my darkest times. I left an abusive and toxic relationship where my self esteem had been shattered to the point of suicide. Natalie was able to offer emotional support to me during this dark time. I felt completely safe with her and would call her totally unhinged. I never felt judged or like I was being too much which I know I was for other people. She was able to just hold loving, beautiful space for me as I put my life back together. She also shared her experience and gave me guidance and suggestions on activities to do and books to read to help rebuild my self-esteem and start taking care of myself, setting better boundaries with people and loving myself. I don’t know if I would have made it without her.”
– Holly E.


“Best Reiki healing session I’ve ever had. First person to help me with the source of a long term problem. I have struggled a lot with continually getting energy stuck behind my heart, dead center of my upper back, causing daily back pain. I stretch, workout, do breathwork, attempt energy work on myself and it always feels like a temporary fix. Hecate honey was able to get to the root cause to get the energy flowing again. The session set off a chain of events of healing, inner child work, shadow work, and releasing of deep grief that liberated me beyond my upper back pain. I’m more in tune with my inner child and her needs, while being much more loving to myself. I am more confident in setting boundaries and doing things I’ve wanted to do. I am beyond grateful. I highly recommend booking a session. You can expect to work with someone who really knows what they’re doing. It is clear she is a responsible practitioner, and she brings an authentically loving energy to the space. It felt like a giant cosmic goddess hug.”
– Island Turtle


“My experience was profound! I received a chakra clearing and reiki. During the reiki session I felt very calmed and experienced a number of physical stimulations throughout my body which I did not expect especially since it was a virtual session. Having worked with Natalie before, I was aware of her purity of intent and high level of intuitiveness but I did not expect to have so much concern come up. She indicated my solar plexus needed attention and that almost immediately brought up some emotions I was working thru recently. Due to space, I will wrap this up at she guided me thru energetically clearing the strongholds and I am still activated & progressing nearly 2 weeks later. Thank you so much for the much needed healing.”
– Ché


Trying reiki for the first time, I wasn’t sure what to expect but Natalie talked me through how she does energy work and made me comfortable. During our session I felt waves of sadness, followed by a variety of colors, and an overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation. I began the session having endured one of the heaviest weeks of my life, and by the end I was a leaf floating on the ocean. Thank you, Natalie! I’ll definitely be back!
– Maya Y.


I was diagnosed with Lupus at 16. I dealt with childhood trauma such as abuse (emotional and sexual) and abandonment. I had suppressed all things related to my childhood. I looked into Reiki as my emotional pain worsened while my physical pain was being treated with chemotherapy. I went into the session anticipating it would be similar to a massage, to my shock it was so much more. The healing Natalie unlocked was as if she had opened a forbidden Pandora’s box ready to be addressed and freed. To say I was emotional and cried is an understatement. I was sobbing and although intense, Natalie worked with me through it and assured me throughout the session. I am pleased to say that my session allowed me to mentally and emotionally begin a spiritual healing path that I am still on, day by day using reaffirming thoughts and emotions to become comfortable and accepting with who I am.
– Jaqi R.


Natalie has been a valuable partner on my life journey. I consider her my spiritual advisor. She has helped me process traumas through inner child work and spiritual counseling.She has counseled me in how to set intentions and broadcast those intentions to the universe. We have had tea chats, done Chakra clearing, read tarot and oracle cards with me, and channeled intuitive messages from the collective. Natalie has come to my home to bless and protect it. She has guided me through shadow work. She is very experienced and knowledgeable and active in her spiritual community. AND she gives the most healing hugs!!! I highly recommend Natalie as a partner in navigating the sometimes rough waters of modern life.
– Lorrie S.