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I am Natalie also known as HecateHoney. I am a professional energetic healer. My journey started as a child. I knew there was a force behind actions, behind thought, behind everything in life. I saw so much pain in the world and in myself and I knew that this force worked behind the scenes and was not being acknowledged. Later, as I learned more about our world and my emotional state, I learned that energy is the ever present catalyzing force that gives life and works within us all. I was always a seeker. I sought to understand my place in the world and free myself from old programming from childhood as well as the tenets of what society tells us who we must be. I have always been on the outside looking in and felt that there was so much more to life than the traditional external frameworks of success in wealth, the car you drive, your career and your relationship status. In my studies and in my great efforts to be a completely free person, I sought healing for myself and was able to face the trauma and challenges I experienced using both traditional and holistic healing modalities available through harnessing energy and integrating my spirit of both light and dark qualities. The modalities can work for anyone willing to seek and do the work because, we are all made of energy, the whole universe is energy itself. I have dedicated the better part of 30 years to learning how to conquer stagnation, pain, emotional turmoil, freedom from addiction as well as how to manipulate and use energy to rebuild and transmute my inner self into a peaceful, although still imperfect, happy person.

Free Yourself

In practicing healing for over 30 years, I have learned that it was always energy I was feeling flowing through and affecting my life. Over time, I saw the need for people to feel present in their lives and to be free from the bondage of self-doubt and old programs we learn to our detriment. Thus, in working through so many forms of healing for myself, I set out to study the practices I now offer you today, to give peace to those around me and to fulfill a purpose of service. It is not an easy task to free yourself from deep feelings of shame, guilt, fear or anger, but it is the most rewarding work you can do to become a fully integrated person who understands their worth and can live in the flow of energy that makes you who you were born to be. The true healer triggers a personal healing journey within others. In hopes of guiding people through this process, I seek to help you truly understand and meet yourself in a deep and profound manner and see the wonderful creation you are as a precious and unique being with the ability to heal yourself and affect change becoming a ripple of consciousness in the often unconsciously reacting world around us.

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